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Run: 768 held on 04-02-2018

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Run: 400 in 2003

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The drinking club with a running problem!

Beer mugs

If you've half a mind to Hash ... that's all it takes !

Want to join us at 10 am every second Sunday in paradise?
You can run or walk with the Mauritius Hash.

When and where?
We Hash at 10 a.m. every second Sunday. We meet in a different place each time.
Select Next run from the menu at the top of this page to see when and where we will be meeting and how to get there.

We don't charge for children under 12yrs but adults pay Rs 150 each to take part in the Hash. This includes the cost of drinks which are available after the run. Any surplus is used for other Hash expenditure and for subsidising the Hash Bash and Red Dress Run. You should pay Hash Cash before the run.

It is important to register for the Hash in advance to help those organising the drinks and food (where applicable) to supply enough for everyone.
Click Next run at the top of the page and follow the instructions to register.

We all socialise after the run so you can bring nibbles to share around, it can make the day more enjoyable.
We are currently organising a "bring and share" system for lunch.
Each participant brings along a plate (for about 3 or 4 persons). These are placed on a table for all to share (a buffet).
Please bring your own plate and cutlery.
( If you prefer, you can bring your own food and not share, or not eat at all ! )

What to bring with you
Due to the climate and local insect life you should bring:
 - hat, suitable clothing and shoes
 - water
 - sun protection
 - and don't forget food for after the run (see above).

About us
We are a friendly group and everyone joins in at his/her own risk. Parents should look after young children at all times.
We are a family Hash so there is no real humiliation, just the odd beer bath!

If you are not lucky enough to live in Mauritius,

there are Hashs all round the World. Here are 2 indicators to help you find one close to you:
1. Visit the Global Hash Site, or
2. Use the Hash in Africa guide specially made by our wonderful, wandering hasher, Rey.

Catamaran trip Sunday 14th January 2018:

Dear Hashers,
We had a great time. Sorry for those who missed this event ! Click here for pictures.


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