Hash # 329

HASH TRASH FOR RUN ON 11TH February 2001

First Timers
Vera de Kort from Holland (guest of the Schullers)
Soobash Rampher from Mauritius
Satar & Helere Bhoyroo from Mauritius
Ansuya Balsobin from Vacoas
Isobelle & Jerome from Flic en Flac
Iam & Jean Hodgson from UK via La Prenuse
Sara Grihault from Curepipe Road
Simone Thoma from Germany via Bel Air
Inge Brititte Mackenrodt from Germany via Poste de Flacq
Wow, that was a lot. Hope you all come again !

Second Timers
None !
Cupid diligently took the down down as per the regulations.

The RA announced the following punitive down downs:
The hares (Blob & Saddam) - for setting the Hash from a vehicle and not sweating it out like they should.
Allan "Strong on" - for shouting "on on !" strongly on a false trail.
Lomito (RA himself) - for being so good !
Kevin "Cupid" - for getting the hash song wrong after all these years.
Jean-Francois - for pissing on the flour dots and trying to obliterate the trail.
J & B (the Russells) - who invited Simone, who invited Inge Brigitte who came along dressed to 'kill'. Far too glamorous for us hashers. J & B should have instructed their guests on the dress code ! (Editor's note. I don't regret the oversight).
The Hash Lavatory Seat Coveted Award (a new award presented by RA) was awarded to:
    Hussein "Saddam" - for sleeping at 8 am when he should have been out setting the trail.
Saddam (again) - for shouting and trying to take over the proceeding.
RA pointed out to the crowd that only 3 hashers were wearing anything "St Valentine's day". They were:
    Angie, Gary & David. Send this 'Hash Trash' on to ten people within 15 seconds and all your romantic dreams will come true !
A special prize for finding a lump of coral on the trail. The pleasure of setting a hash soon. Won by Cupid (back to the Goodlands Woods !)

Angie & Garry

Eric "Socksucker" & Cupid
Etienne & Mireille