Hash # 330

HASH TRASH FOR RUN ON 25TH February 2001
First Timers
Mike & Linda from UK (on holiday with Tony & Penny)
The Parents of Andreas (poor Andreas is on his best behaviour !)
Gerhard & Margaret from Osnabruck (where is that ??)
Hans (nephew of Anand) on holiday from UK
Second Timers
Secretary & doctors from Medisave:
"Coming late"
"Coming twice"
Special Down Down
The Medisave crew - for coming late !
Brigitte "Party Animal" - for leaving us and going to California (what a bore). All the best Brigitte !
The RA announced the following punitive down downs (not necessarily with beer):
The "Coming Late" group - the only ones who were too late to pay their Rs 50 before the Hash.
"Sock Sucker" for being a disgrace to Hashers by treating his friends to a sumptuous meal and then having his gold card refused.
David & Linda - for non-stop talking during the RA's deliberations.
Mike, Linda & Sock Sucker (three of them ?) - for getting engaged without seeking advice or permission from the RA.
Anand, Bob, John - for making comments during the formal proceedings.
Nick & Saddam - Overheard carrying on a conversation something like ".... and mine is bigger that yours." and ".... I've got a wet and slimy one" They professed to be talking about their drinks at a recent wedding !
Brigitte - for claiming that she can 'abuse' the RA at any time !
Anand -  for not advising Hans about the danger of wearing new shoes to a Hash.
Charlotte, Coffeemate, Strong-on - for taking a short cut and avoiding the 'piece de resistance' (stinking pond) at the end of the trail.
Pat Knox - for dancing and singing with Anand in the first box.
The Hash Master then awarded a down-down to the RA for being too diligent and taking notes at a certain wedding and using the evidence against the unsuspecting souls when the victims had forgotten all about what they had been doing (alcoholic amnesia caused by those big, slimy drinks).
Special Award - Portable Toilet
Awarded to Jean-Francois - for constantly peeing on the trail.
Saddam (specially chosen by The Master)
11th March - Etienne & Jackie & Bob
25th March - Pat & Alan (their last Hash)
8th April - Tony & Penny