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Hash Trash for the run on 10th March 2002, #357

     Run at Tamarin Falls Reservoir near Henrietta. Hares were 'Little John' Maddock and Charlie 'Scrungebucket' (I hope I have spelled it correctly).
     The Hash started with a long back-check to the edge of the Tamarin Falls (Sept Cascades) which provided a superb view down over Tamarin / Black River. The rest of the 'run' was shortish, wetish and flatish. A second back-check was thoughtfully situated just at the top of a mountain ! Another one was devilishly placed just over a 'level crossing' (river, not train). Otherwise the morning was quite uneventful, it didn't even rain.
     Very nice food was provided by Ozita with the help of her Godfather.

First Timers (Virgins):
'Billy the Fish' on a working holiday from London
'TBA' (Jasmine, Billy the Fish's daughter)
Anna Maria Baltaga from Romania. She will be with us for a couple of years (Goodie, goodie)
'Mie-Te' Ozita's mum
Gerard, Ozita's Godfather

Second Timers:
Rambo from London, Billy the Fish's old man
Elisa Cazzarini

Long Lost Hashers Returned:
Gilbert & Sybille Ferrière

RA: Down, downs awarded to:-
Vidya - for not wearing the 'smelly toilet seat' on the run. In her defence, she judged the seat too smooth and comfortable for a hardened hasher.
Brian - for getting lost and refusing to listen to help from friendly hashers. Finally the police set him on the right path.
Hash Master - for short cutting. His dogs brought him home early - Tony pretended his dogs were tired!
RA - for breaking some obscure rule.
Alan 'Strong on' - for taking things too seriously and warming up before the start of the run.
Kevin Quick - for timing himself on the run ! (What does he think this is ? A race ??)
Charlie 'Scrunge-something' - for shouting instructions to the hashers (a hare should never help anyone).

Baptism Ceremony.
Elisa was unanimously named 'Encore' by the presiding Hash Master, Tony with due pomp and ceremony

Smelly toilet seat award:
To Sybille (again) because we were so pleased to see her back

Next Hashs:
#358 - 24th March Camping Hash, see below. Live Hare - Alan 'Strong on'
#359 - 7th April Rey 'Hot Pants'
#360 - 21st April; Tony "Barnacle Bill" & Penny (Their last hash in Mauritius), Pointe aux Cannoniers
#361 - 5th May; Hares needed
#362 - 19th May; Alan 'Strong on' and Gilbert Ferière

Food line:
23rd March. Blob - Spit Roast Lamb + Beer etc. (Rs 100 per head)
24th March. David + Juliette - Usual Hash arrangements (Rs 75 per adult)

Directions to next Hash to be held at 10am on Sunday, 24th March 2002
     THREE DAY CAMPING HASH... Date: From Friday 22nd to Sunday the 24th
It's a Superb Private Natural Forest with a beautiful Private Beach & Great Snorkelling and Fishing...!!
     For those not wanting to Camp, The Shandrani Hotel is less than 2 miles away...
Please join us for the Hash Bash Saturday night Price Rs 100.00 per person.
The usual HASH will be held on Sunday morning (Rs 75).
     Directions: Go to the Shandrani Hotel... As you get to the perimeter wall... Turn to your right... (Hash Sign)...it is a private road Follow hash signs... See you there...!!
Some details... Hash signs will be in place from Friday afternoon.
     For those who don't know what BYO means, it is BRING YOUR OWN...!!
Below is a list of items to help you pack for your 3 day Camp... The Sugar Estate is supplying a small fresh water Bowser for washing and cooking. Parking is very close to the camp site !
It all makes for a good party... Come and let your hair down, you don't have to drive home !!
Any questions call Blob Latimer on 422-6957 or Email: latimer@intnet.mu


Supreme Beings:
Tony "Barnacle Bill" Ward - TonyWard@intnet.mu
Clarence Babet & Charlie Scrimgeour
Tony "Barnacle Bill" Ward
Hash Horn:
"Blob" Latimer
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:
Eric "Hot-dog" Maard; deputy David "Shorty" Colbert
Barbecue Bearer:
Dave "Shorty" Colbert
Ice Maiden:
Peter "Long Zip" Attig
Ha$h Ca$h:
Tom & Geeta "Tinkerbel"
Drinks for Wimps 'n Kids:
"Lord & Lady" Russell
Hash Market:
Dave "Shorty" Colbert & Juliette "Snow White"
Edit Hare and Webmaster:
Bob Russell assisted by volunteer's

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