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Hash 416 27th June 2004

Venu: Riviere des Gallets / Bay Jacotet

Despite what looked to be a very wet rainy Hash – suddenly – the rain stopped for the duration of the Hash! Is someone looking after us?

The Hash, on the south coast, was through muddy tracks, beach, sugar cane – up and down, through rivers (many times!), over rocks – everything you would expect from a good Hash – well done Rey.

First Timers – Babette Espitalier Noel – half Mauritian / half Irish
Jenny Granville – South African
Alberto Appado – Mauritian
Nathalie Ah Coome – Mauritian

Thankfully for the Hash Master (Captain Nemo) there was one second timer –

Desireé Kong – who was duly baptised as a Hasher

The Hash Master, as usual, told us about the further adventures of Jimmy – he was on a Memory Course – but couldn’t remember what it was called.

Claude Constantin told one of his infamous jokes…………..!

Alexander was advised to buy a decent pair of track shoes – this was the second pair that collapsed in the space of a couple of months!

Sylvie Houbert had the privilege of presenting Jean Ramiah with the Smelly Blue T-Shirt – the reason – he was too nice, too reserved, at the Hash!

The Relgious and Sex Advisor (Alan) was going to give a ‘down down’ to Rey for setting a Hash with what seemed to have been one bag of flour and to Mirelle and Etienne because they had boasted that in Belgium the streets were so clean that you could eat off the pavements. “What rubbish” said Alan – who had just returned from that country with his good wife Sarah. However he must still have been in a holiday mood and decided that it was time to eat (not off the street) – no ‘down downs’!

Big thank you to Jacky who provided the food – in place of Sylvia and Henriette who could not come on this occasion. Many of the Hashers toasted their breads on the barbecue – well it is winter!

Big thank you also to Desireé who provided cake as dessert – ending a good Hash day at the seaside.

On, on !

Alan's Receding Hareline:
Date Run No. Hares   -   Area
11th July 417 Clarence
25th July 418 Jean Francois / Michelle / Brigitte
8th August 419 David & Juliette
Phone: Trailmaster…….Alan - 675 0365


1. Would hashers please note that there is a deposit (money) on glass bottles (beer, softies)! Please do not throw them away, leave them on the beach or with the rubbish (or even take them home).
2. Walks take place on most Sundays when there is no Hash. See the "Friendly walks" page for details.

Supreme Being: Leslie Nimmo
Hare Line + Trailmasters: Alan "Strong on" Grihault
Cellarmaster: Andy "The Hustler" Belfitt
Hash Horn: Robert "Blob" Latimer
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor: Eric "Hot Dog" Maard, deputy: Alan "Strong On" Grihault
Barbecue Bearer: Dave "Shorty" Colbert
Ice Maiden: Rey Joseph
Ha$h Ca$h: Claudia Carey
Drinks for Wimps 'n Kids: Jean Ramiah
Hash Market: Juliette "Snow White" & David "Shorty" Colbert
Edit Hare: Tom "Decoy" Williams, Sarah, Marie-Claude, Bob etc.
Always willing deputy Edit Hare: Sarah "Coffee Mate" Grihault
Webmaster: Bob Russell ( )
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