Mauritius Hash House Harriers

Hash Trash 531 - 16 November 2008


Walking Dodo

Run 531

Venue: Congomah

Hares: Martin

Herman the Merman’s Pineapple run…
Come with me, let’s follow Martin’s tropical trail…
Welcome to the Trash Columns, scooped fresh and creamy and topped with delicious “ananas” adventures.

Run 531 ~ pine - abouts
Today’s run was quite a different one, less sugarcane and more pineapples! We were blessed with sunny skies all over – and judging by the returning crowd’s huffs and puffs it was quite a challenging and sweaty…sporty affair.

Circle Panic
GM Alan tried to circle everyone up but wasn’t very successful – we all ended up in a semi constructed building (a soon to be new clinic) – and huddled close in a rather intimate little circle while the GM started to wave his bones about.

Run 531
The GM announced the coincidental presence of 3 devoted Devonians at the Hash today – this means Julien, Brian and GM Alan himself, all from Devon in the UK.

Calling in the HARES!

Martin and Roxy trotted into the circle ~ the GM recalled the many remarks in the pineapple fields (some rude) and decided to give Martin a down-down for those (too many) pineapples and gave him a beer instead of pineapple juice, how thoughtful!

Despite all the pining, the circle applauded Martin for his efforts and we all thought it was a jolly good hash. Roxy decided she’d had enough of all this and lay down for a little nap in the midst of all the fuss.

Run 531

We were all rebels and gave GM Alan quite a hard time to maintain order in the circle – and there was no RA to keep the buggers in check today!
The GM commented on how, after 70, he didn’t feel like rounding people up anymore…especially after 50 years of teaching!
Oooops so we’d better be careful, someone might end up in the headmaster’s office next time!
Run 531
Run 531
Jack (South Africa)
Joelle (Marie Celine’s daughter visiting from France) – everyone wanted her phone number thus causing even more consternation in the circle.

Run 531

Gina & Amsi (Mauritius)

As you all know by now,
There was no RA today…
So Captain Nemo rushed in
To hush the hashers
And help out as pseudo-RA

Run 531

Run 531

1 ~ GM Alan decided that the special circumstances called for a different ball game…so he kicked off the punishments by calling in Jack from South Africa as representative for SA who we all know are very good at RUGBY. The reason for this – is that for once, South Africa beat Scotland 14 to 10 during the latest game…so…the GM wondered if there were any SCOTTISH people around…and by golly, Captain Nemo just happened to be there!
The circle had to vote who would have to get a down-down, the winners or the losers?
In the end, most inevitably, they both had to scrum down for a beer and all peace was restored by the lift of an elbow.
Run 531
Run 531

Run 531
The time has come to announce the proud new owner of the SMELLY BLUE .

Patrick had a few suggestions up his smelly sleeve, and decided to call out a lady who attended the recent notorious Halloween party NOT DISGUISED


After this smelly shower we are sure that she will definitely not forget to dress up for the next Halloween Happening!




Tickets are already for sale – so hurry up and get yours!

Date ~ Saturday 13 December 2008.
Time ~ 4 pm
Venue ~ Jardin Beau Vallon
Notes ~ Tickets at the door will cost you more!
Price ~ Rs 300 for regular hashers paying BEFOREHAND.
*******Rs 500 for guests and last minute tickets on the day at the door.
Bring your own Wine.
Everybody (Hashers & Harriettes) must wear RED DRESSES.
We do not want to know what you will be wearing underneath, but RED is a very good colour!
Jean & Philida are organising a bus departing from Shoprite at +/- Rs 100 a head – at 3pm on the day.
More about all this will be posted on the web soon – so keep your eyes peeled and your mice clicking.
We promise to paint Mahebourg town bright red!


Martin was standing for quite a while with a bottle on his head and when the GM finally saw him and handed him the “microphone” so to speak, he generously asked Jacques to say what he wanted to say for the last 15 minutes with his bottle on his head…ooh la la, what kind of circle rugby is this….I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the action, we really need a referee!
Now where was I … Oh, yes, so Jacques commented on the GM’s bones.
(He had a necklace of bones, who knows, were they dodo bones? Plus he was waving around another bone and we could not help but pick a bone with him ~)
Finally, the reason for Martin’s bottle-on-head.

Run 531
Another unforgettable Jazz Nite is planned at Martin’s Pad, Rs 100 per head –

Saturday 6 December, 19h30,

bring your own drinks & nibbles and put on your party shoes.



Next Hash will be at Isle Aux Brocus courtesy of Jacques & Rosemarie, it is said to be a flat one.
Don’t forget your bikinis (ooh la la) – and Sybile will be cooking up a storm in the hash kitchenette.

Today’s food was offered by Mary Anne – compliments to the chef, that’s all I can say! She made a delicious Mauritian curry and we all went back for more.

Herman the Merman
Went on a pineapple raid.
A treasure…a spade…
A masquerade
With his accomplice
The mermaid.

Thanks for sharing the trash with us!
Bubbly Buzz…
Hope to see you on that RED DRESS BUS!

Run 531

Zan - Your Edit Hare

Run 531



Moments ~ by Hash bug the Flash bug

Run 531Run 531Run 531


The Hash Mish-Management Team
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