Mauritius Hash House Harriers

Hash Trash 548 - Sunday 19 July 2009


Walking Dodo

Run 548

Venue:Terre Rouge

Hares: Dodo Cop and Geerish

Today was a day of "cardinal" importance for Mauritius - a national day of mourning for the Cardinal Jean Margeot (1916 - 2009).
GM Alan asked for a minute of silence in his honour.

Run 548 ~ CIRCLE UP!

Trying to circle up these hashers today was a task and a half - not even RA Alistair managed to round them up all at once!

What an extreme adventure trail! Almost everyone fell into a river at some point - there were several slippery streams, running water and MUD - steep slopes, gorgeous views, ups and downs and a very interesting track all round - the only thing missing was the (usual) rubbish dump! The weather was absolutely superb - we could not have asked for a clearer or crisper day.

After this morning's dogfight, Bulldog GM Alan wanted to start off with a dog betting competition between the dachshund and the fluffy terrier, much to everyone's mirth.

HARES... were they in trouble for a bad hare day???
No ... judging by the applause it seems everyone had great fun and they were honoured for the great run!

First Timers

Michael (Switzerland)
Catherine & Jean Luc (France)
Janet (South Africa)
Ludovic and Emilie with children Eleanor, Eloise, Elisabeth and Rudolphe.

No drinks

It has been decided that we would omit the down-downs today due to the Memorial Day - so we just used the opportunity to reminisce about the Cardinal.

Memories of a special man
Dodocop said a few words... He met the Cardinal in 1985 - in Mauritius there was a huge drug problem and there were addicts everywhere, they didn't know what to do - at the time the Cardinal was a Bishop and he visited the Solidarity Centre in Rome with Gaetan Duval - for an anti-drug project in which Gilbert also participated. So it was a tribute to the Cardinal who was an enormous help to Gilbert when he opened the same Drug Rehab Centre in Mauritius.

Adrienne remembered that Harold had encountered the cardinal once (before he was a cardinal) - when he had dinner with Harold's family. At a certain point he went to the restroom and a little girl of nine years old didn't knock on the door and inadvertently walked in on him!

Kevin Obeegadoo remembered that the Cardinal was very close to his dad, and that he had helped set up the first secondary school in Rodrigues and participated in many educational projects.

Mooooooooving on!
MooIs that a COW BELL I hear clinging?
Dingle Dongle Dangle Dungle
Bob stepped into the circle with his newly designed HASH HOSTAGE, sporting a swiss cowbell around his neck and mooooooooving all around the circle to show off!

For those of you who don't know...the HASH Hostage has taken the place of the SMELLY BLUE a few hashes ago and it can be given as a punishment or as a compliment and it definitely does not need washing!
BOB wanted to pass it on to GM ALAN because he was so kind to let him wear it for TWO HASHES YAY!!!
This COW Bell is definitely not for COWards!


The next hash will be held at LA FERME and the hares will be Bertrand and Jacquelin - this is going to be a mad hatter hash - so bring all your funny hats and let's KEEP OUR HATS ON!!!

Martin made a special announcement - inviting everyone to his house for his birthday which he will celebrate on Saturday 22 August (same day as the next Sunset Hash!) - there will also be a jazz band so let's all get jazzed up and join Martin on his special day.

Alan is leaving today - no not GM Alan - Alan Alan. BYE ALAN!!! - We'll miss you and hope to see you back soon sometime. Bye

Cheers to the following BIRTHDAY BOYS and GIRLS! Party
Marie France

Claude chipped in and wanted to ask Martin if we should bring hammocks to put between the trees?
As usual Claudissimo likes to hang around and ask peculiar questions!

Very special thanks to Annick and Stefan for the delicious GERMAN GOULASH - probably the first of its kind we've had on a hash!

So I'm back without a BANG Bunny
I just flew in quickly

Will the next hash-trail be FLAT?
I have no clue...
But hope to see you...
Wearing your crazy HATS!!!

See you all soon, xxx
Zan - Your Edit Hare



The Hash Mish-Management Team
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Deputy: Alan "Strong on"; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
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