Mauritius Hash House Harriers

Hash Trash 578 - Sunday 12 September 2010


Walking Dodo

VENUE: La Prairie

HARES: Rey "Hot Pants"

COOKS: Geatan

First Timers:
Yolanda from South Africa,
Alison from England,
Reeka from England,
Denis and Vishal from Mauritius.

Second Timers:
To the GMs delight we had a few second timers which saved him from a beer down down.

Sea, sun and run are the three befitting words of this Sunday hash...thanks Ray for this excellent hash and site.

Our GM, John started the circle by welcoming Alan and Sarah. Alan was rushed in hospital during his last holidays in England. We are pleased to see him back looking much better.

John welcome the virgins and greeted the second timers by a kiss and a prayer (Sunday prayer!!!) he reminded the ladies that Vishal was not married and was available...

Our sexual pervert (Guess who??) asked for the phone number of the nice young lady (new timer) he was put off by the GM who advised her not to listen to him.

We still need volunteers to set a hash and to do the food. John begged the hashers to meet the trail Master after the circle.
Yolanda who is a second timer offered to set a trail though she just arrived in Mauritius. She received a big applause...

Our GM gave a down down to David for wearing sexy glittering shoes on the last relay. He phoned his wife and collected the shoes which he brought on the hash. Wow!!!

Poor RA, just when he decided to speak, the icecream van passed by with the loud music and Leslie could not compete and had to wait for the guy to move before starting his sermon.
As usual his sermon was hilarious.

The Hash Hostage, Didier was so happy to see Alan back that he offered him the "cow bell" as a reward.

The circle ceremony was closed round 1.30pm. Our next hash will be at Terracine (in the South) and the Hare will be Pierre-Andre.



The Hash Mish-Management Team
The 2010 / 2011 team
Supreme Being: John Cabrelli
Hare Line + Trailmasters: Pierre-André (Deputy: Jean)
Cellarmaster: Rob / Gilbert
Hash Horn: ?? (Where is the horn) ??
Religious and Sex Advisor: Patty / Leslie
Ice Maiden: Gaetan
Ha$h Ca$h: Thierry (Deputy: Henriette)
Drinks for Wimps 'n Kids: Harold
Hash Market: Juliette
Edit Hare: Olivier (Deputy: John)
Kitchen Mistress: Philida (Phone: 492 0609)