Mauritius Hash House Harriers

Hash Trash 626 - Sunday 22 July 2012

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Walking Dodo

VENUE: Starlight Club, Bigara, Curepipe

HARES: Tusia & Isobelle

HASH 626

The first word

I must begin by paying tribute to the tremendous talent of my predecessor, John Cabrelli, a veritable virtuoso of verbosity.
His sharp wit and the vivid and vibrant vocabulary used to describe the vacuous vicissitudes of his victims was much appreciated and enjoyed by a few loyal and erudite fans - everybody else will be relieved that they will not be singled out by him for ritual ridicule or exposure of their shortcomings.

As he passed on the Scribe's pen to me he suggested that I will add a much needed touch of class to our weekly e-zine. He is a hard act to follow but I will do my best.

So how is it that I'm now responsible for recording for posterity the antics of the Mauritian Hash on Sunday mornings?
a. No one else wanted to volunteer for Hash Scribe and in a weak moment I agreed to give it a go
b. I suffer from a need to write and am very anal about record keeping so I volunteered
c. I was very drunk and they talked me into it
What do you think? Send your answer to Kay's email, click here.
A prize will be awarded to the first person to come up with the right answer. (What is the divine Mrs Farrow offering? - Webmaster)

And now to the task in hand …………….. On-On!

Venue Starlight Club, Curepipe

Date 22 July 2012

Hares 2 - Tusia and Isabelle

Hashers 41

Scribe Kay Farrow

Newly-elected Grand Master, Steve Farrow, made a break with Mauritian tradition and to the dismay of the latecomers called the circle to order early so that the Hash could start promptly at 10.30.
This innovation will allow more time for drinking beer after the Hash and will make it even harder for those in the habit of arriving late to get to the Hash on time.
The GM welcomed newcomers before handing over to Hares, Tusia and Isabelle, a pretty pair of Polish pathfinders, to brief us on the trail.

It was an excellent rural trail with good views across the countryside. It was a warm and sunny winter's morning and our considerate Hares provided routes for runners and walkers.
The terrain was good for running for those who had not worn themselves out in the diabolical Dodo Trail the day before.
The trail skirted allotments and sugar cane fields with enough undulations to give everyone a good workout. There were a couple of boxes and the novel introduction of a new symbol - a question mark.
The first 5 runners reaching this had to run back and exchange high 5s with the Hares.

Hash circle
41 hashers assembled for the Hash circle and as befits a man holding high office, the new Grand Master addressed the assembly from an elevated position at the top of a short flight of stairs leading to the strangely named Starlight Club.

Here's to the hares!
Mother and daughter team, Tusia and Isabelle, were congratulated on the trail and were rewarded with a down-down which they drank with gusto.

First timers
Although there were 3 first timers there was only 1 virgin:
" Tina and Terry the ferret from Cambridge, England, have hashed in Malaysia and Hong Kong. They were on holiday in Mauritius and found the Hash on the internet.
" The Hash virgin did not stay for the Hash circle and remains a woman of mystery.

Second timers
There were no second timers so the Grand Master was forced to take a down-down from the disgustingly dirty urinary vessel.
It was topped up by the RA for a double down-down as a punishment for being late to the Hash Bash.
The divine Mrs Farrow was called up to join her husband and gratefully accepted a beer as acting as Scribe is thirsty work.

Religious and Sexual Advisor
1. Alan - for asking a gardener the way. What a pity the gardener sent him off in the wrong direction!
2. Didier the new Trailmaster - for being late.
3. Vincent, John, Ryan and Claude were all admonished for declining the role of RA. All were happy to have avoided the responsibility of high office and a down-down was a small price to pay.
As usual Claude made the most of the attention by draining his tankard of beer as slowly as possible.

Mark Fortey proved that a volunteer is worth more than 100 pressed men by surprising the Hash with a super start to his term of office - a new Hash game.
After only the briefest of instructions we all joined in the fun. "We're going to play the Hash game, the game is never the same! On On!" we chorused rhythmically and then each Hasher in turn had to perform an action.
The most notable were:
" Nadine - a very sexy wiggle
" Alan - a very camp walk - he does this rather too well!
" Kees - an affectionate kiss for his wife
" Elvira - a cute head shimmy
" Screwdriver - a monstrous moon
" John - remained absolutely motionless with eyes glazed over, unable to believe what he was witnessing

Hash hostage
The cowbell is still in Rey's possession but he has not yet returned from Madagascar, Turkey, Albania, Hungry, Serbia, Romania, etc.
A recent military mutiny in Madagascar resulted in a security scare and all flights being cancelled.
What has happened to Rey and just as important - what about our cow bell?

" Thank you -
Alan read out a thank you card which had been sent by Brian Davies.
Brian has been unwell recently and really appreciated the get well card sent by Hashers.

" Party invitation -
Mary announced that she was having a party on Saturday 28th to celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games.
All Hashers were invited and the party would start at 8 p.m. and continue as long as the police would allow it.

Next Hash -
Didier the Trailmaster announced that Jackie and Bob would be setting the next trail at P้trin.
Hashers should meet in the large square car park at the P้trin / Grand Bassin crossroads.

Here's to the Hash! On-On……………………


The Hash Mish-Management Team
The 2012/ 2013 team
Supreme Being: Steve Farrow
Hare Line + Trailmasters: Didier
Deputy: Dodo Cop
Cellarmaster: Dodo Cop & Gaetan
Hash Horn: Pierot
Religious and Sex Advisor: Mark
Ice Maiden: Gaetan & Dodo Cop
Ha$h Ca$h: Claudia
Deputy: Jean-Paul
Drinks for Wimps 'n Kids: Also Gilbert
Hash Market: Tushia
Deputy: Marinette
Edit Hare: Kay
Deputy: John
Webmaster: Robert
Deputy: Ryan, Rey