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The Mish-Management Committee

Assuming that you really want to join us on our forays into the more unusual parts of Mauritius,
you can contact one of the Hash MisManagement as follows (or just turn up):

Grand Master

Gilbert Lest ("Dodo Cop")  Email: (click here)
--- Deputy ---
Any old past master
Trailmaster Rey
("Hot Pants") 
(Email - Click here)
RA/Sex Adviser(s) Retha 
("Ariel - Ooooommmmm") 
Cellarmaster and Ice Maiden Harry 
-- and --
-- and --
Harry  Jean Shaun
Ha$h Ca$h
Phone: sorry guys, no phone numbers !
Hash Market Isabelle ("Isis")   Isabelle  
Edit Hare Marie Claude (Email - Click here) Marie-Claude Nimmo

Also graciously assisting are:-

Web Master Bob (Email - Click here)
--- assisted by ---
Alan, Harry etc, etc,
Hash Flash Leslie Leslie Nimmo

Past masters in this century  ( there were many others who went before ! )

Blob Latimer (1998/02),  Tony Ward (2002),  Dave Colbert (2002/2003),
Bob Russell (2003/04),  Leslie Nimmo (2004/5),  Clarence Babet (2005/6),
Martin Webb (2006/7),  Blob Latimer (2007/8),  Alan Grihault (2008/9),
Gilbert Lest (2009/10),  John Cabrielli (2010/11),  Jean Ramiah (2011/12),
Steve Farrow (2012/13),  Mark Fortey (2013/14), Jim Ladd (2014),
Leslie Nimmo (2014/2015),  Mario Wick (2015/16),  Harry Ramah (2016/17)
Hudson Mbong (2017/18),  
Blob Tony Ward David Colbert Bob Leslie Clarence Martin Blob Alan Gilbert John Cabrelli Jean Ramiah Steve Farrow Mark Jim Leslie Mario Wick Harry RamahHudson Mbong