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Next run details:

Date: 08-08-2021
Time: 10:00
Hare(s): Luigi & Sam


Run 844
The 3 Baobab Run ... Albion
Hares: Luigi & Sam
Meeting point will be at the light house. Owing to the position of our start we cannot avoid some areas seen in previous runs, but the trail will also bring us to some place we haven't seen on that runs and it won't be inside the village of Albion.
Due to the current covid restrictions I tend not to ask to have the ok staying under the trees inside the light house ground, since it is a governmental place. I was thinking of having our camping site behind the light house south of it to hopefully get some shade there.

GPS Coordinates of rendez-vous (-20.1915574, 57.4107702);   You can CLICK HERE to see on map.

2. Please check this page just before departing in case there is any last minute change (weather etc.)

Total bookings received for the run on 08-08-2021:   4 

Posted by: Mario on 26-07-2021, at 10:52


Notice to all Hashers

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Drinker Hare!
Date Run Location Hare(s)
08-08-2021 844 Albion Lighthouse Luigi
22-08-2021 845
05-09-2021 846
19-09-2021 847

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